TMS Australia

TMS Australia’s vision is to use technology to bring happiness and laughter back into people’s lives.

The TMS Australia clinics were founded in 2015 by psychiatrists Professor Paul Fitzgerald – one of the world’s foremost TMS experts – and Dr Ted Cassidy, who both have extensive experience treating depression using TMS. They were motivated to bring outpatient TMS treatment to the forefront of mental healthcare as a safe and effective treatment for depression as it was internationally.

Today, TMS Australia’s network of clinics is expanding with one goal: bring the best possible TMS care to more Australians.

TMS treatment for depression

TMS therapy for depression

TMS is an effective treatment for depression. For the majority of depression patients, TMS therapy can provide relief within 6 weeks.

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Suffering from depression?

Understanding the signs and symptoms of depression as well as how it is diagnosed can help you to get the best depression treatment.

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How does TMS work?

In TMS, pulsed magnetic fields stimulate the prefrontal cortex of the brain, an area involved in mood regulation.

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TMS vs ECT for depression

TMS is not ECT! Magnetic pulses are used on a specific area of the brain, in ECT electric currents and anaesthetics affect your whole body.

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The side effects of TMS

Since TMS treatment is localised to a certain area of your brain, it can be effective without any serious side effects.

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Specific TMS treatments

Did you know TMS can be used to treat many conditions?

TMS Australia has pioneered the treatment of many conditions using this therapy.

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