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What are the typical costs for TMS therapy?

The standard cost for TMS depression therapy in a private clinic is $180 per session. It is recommended that a patient have a minimum of 20 sessions and the best outcomes are observed after 30 treatment sessions. Treatment in an outpatient clinic allows people to carry on with their lives, rather than being admitted to a hospital for the duration of the treatment.

Maintenance TMS therapy, which involves TMS treatment being given once every 2 weeks, may be an option to keep patients in remission. In a recent study it was found that maintenance TMS treatment is an option for keeping people with depression off antidepressant medication.

TMS maintenance therapy is recommended as it may help to prevent the likelihood of relapse. Patients who did not receive maintenance TMS therapy were also just as likely to stay off medications, however they seemed to relapse sooner (although this was not significant).

Any maintenance schedule is determined with your doctor and a TMS Medical Officer.

The good news is that if a relapse occurs, then patients who initially responded to TMS treatment are likely to respond again. This is why it is important for a TMS treatment provider to keep in regular contact with patients even when they are no longer receiving treatment.

Payment options

At TMS Australia, payment can be made upfront or via an interest-free payment plan. Our payment plan allows patients to pay for the costs of treatment over a period of time that suits their budget.

If a patient continues onto maintenance treatment, this can be easily added to the payment plan at your request.

Our payment plan allows patients to pay for the costs of treatment to suit their budget

You can discuss the costs and payment options with the friendly TMS Australia team by calling 1300 867 888 or by emailing

Private Health Insurance

At present Medicare does not cover the TMS cost. Some private health insurance companies do cover outpatient TMS cost. Terms and conditions apply and we may help. Give us a call.



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