Posted on May 09, 2020 by TMS Australia

About Professor Paul Fitzgerald

Professor Fitzgerald is Professor of Psychiatry at The Epworth Clinic and Deputy Director of the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (MAPrc) in Melbourne. He is a qualified psychiatrist, and a Founder and Medical Director of TMS Clinics Australia.

Professor Fitzgerald’s team uses brain stimulation devices such as TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and neuroimaging techniques to improve and develop new treatments for severe depression, but also schizophrenia, OCD and PTSD. He has been researching TMS for 20 years, published over 400 journal articles and book chapters, set up Australia’s largest TMS clinical and educational program, and has trained over 250 people in brain stimulation.

A podcast about TMS

The GMHBA podcast show “Healthier Together” invited Professor Fitzgerald to discuss TMS therapy for depression. The podcast covers frequently asked questions on depression and TMS such as:

- What is Depression?
- How does TMS therapy work?
- How much evidence is there for TMS?
- Who can have TMS?
- What does TMS treatment involve?
- Can one have TMS out of hospital?
- How long does TMS effects last?
- Can TMS work for other conditions?

TMS Therapy for depression

TMS treatment involves targeting underactive areas of the brain with painless magnetic pulses. These pulses make neurons fire in a way that strengthen the brain’s “circuit” that is responsible for regulating mood.

The treatment takes place in a comfortable chair, and delivers 3,000 pulses per session, 3-5 times per week for a total of 30 sessions. It does not require anaesthesia, and patients can drive home or return to work.


TMS Clinics Australia: leaders in TMS treatment

TMS Clinics Australia were founded in 2015 by two psychiatrists, Dr Ted Cassidy and Professor Paul Fitzgerald, with a vision to make TMS accessible to all Australians.
Today, TMS Australia has opened 15 outpatient clinics in NSW, VIC and QLD, and aims to open more across Australia in the near future. You can find a clinic near you on our map.
If you have any question about TMS you can contact our friendly Patient Care Team by phone on 1300 867 888 (9am-5pm Sydney Time, Monday-Friday) or by using our Contact us page.