TMS is a proven and safe depression treatment



What is TMS?

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS or rTMS), is a clinically proven, painless depression treatment. TMS devices contain electromagnetic coils that create magnetic pulses. When given at a high frequency, the magnetic pulses stimulate neurons and increase activity in the brain.

The prefrontal cortex of the brain is important for mood regulation and is less active in people with depression. TMS treatment precisely aims the magnetic fields to this area of the brain to activate the neurons and relieve depression symptoms.

At TMS Australia we use repetitive TMS to precisely target the area of the brain that is involved in depression. The benefit to our patients may include a life free from depression and less antidepressant use. Some patients may be able to stop taking antidepressants altogether.

Any questions about medication should be discussed with your doctor. TMS Australia Psychiatrists are available to assist with any questions.

TMS is an approved depression treatment for people who have failed 2 or more depression medications

Representing the latest advances in depression therapy, there is evidence to suggest that TMS may also be an effective treatment for a range of other conditions including

TMS can be used for many conditions such as

Depression medication #1
– 37% entered remission
– 49% responded
– BUT 40% relapsed

Depression medication #2
– 31% entered remission
– 29% responded
– BUT 55% relapsed

Depression medication #3
– 14% entered remission
– 17% responded
– BUT 65% relapsed

Depression medication #4
– 13% entered remission
– 16% responded
– BUT 71% relapsed

TMS is a safe and effective depression treatment

How effective is TMS?

Hundreds of studies have been done in adults with depression. The research clearly shows that TMS is an effective treatment for depression and in patients for whom antidepressants have not previously worked.

At TMS Australia, 80% of our patients respond to magnetic therapy depression treatment and 34% achieve complete remission.

How long will TMS treatment take to work?

Some patients notice improved mood, cognition or function in 12 days. For others, noticeable improvements can take 20 sessions. A full course of treatment is generally 30 sessions, however this will be discussed with the treating doctor and the TMS Australia Medical Officer before you commence TMS treatment.

How safe is TMS?

TMS is considered a very safe treatment with few side effects. Patients may experience mild side effects such as headache or scalp discomfort. These usually only last for a short time and improve over the course of the TMS therapy.

TMS treatment might be suitable for you

  • If you have not adequately responded to depression medication
  • If you cannot tolerate the side effects of antidepressants
  • If you want a chance of being free of or reduce your depression medication
  • If you do not want to use medication to treat your depression.


TMS treatment sessions

Our TMS care team deliver the magnetic therapy depression treatment in friendly and professional clinics. One of our TMS clinicians will be with you the whole time you are having treatment and you can stop at any time.

Prof. Paul Fitzgerald shows you what is involved in a TMS treatment session

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